World Exhibition of Orchids, Bonsai Trees and Succulents


Come see the world’s most beautiful plants! Enter a real fairy-tale land in Katowice, populated with thousands of the most wonderful plants from all over the globe. With its countless colours, shapes and fragrances, it will be a paradise for the senses, creating unforgettable sensations you will remember for the rest of your life!
Fantastic orchids will take pride of place among extraordinary, large art installations created by top florists. You will probably never see anything quite as phenomenal again! Breath-taking orchid tunnels, gates, and...gowns are but some of the installations we have in store.

The most sumptuous bonsai trees we will have at the exhibition are nothing short of true works of art, created just for you by real virtuosi. The oldest specimens are as much as 100 years old! It will be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see them from up close.

Join us to see succulents that will instantly make you go WOOOOW! The World Exhibition will host many unusual specimens of cacti and other species, creating an ideal opportunity to take photos and selfies in the most paradisiac setting!!

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