Wielka Trasa Stand-up Polska: 8 Grzechów Głównych

Stand-up Polska w MCK 2019

Ladies and gentlemen,

Stand-up Poland is proud to invite you to the first (*) stand-up spectacle in its history "Osiem grzechów głownych"!

We would like to proudly inform you that your favorite Great Route has evolved! We will continue to travel around Poland with our best, premiere material, but we felt the irresistible need to bring comedy to a new, higher level. We want to not only amuse you, but above all show that we are not afraid of any topics.

(*) The performance means that we will have ironed clothes.

CAST: Michał Kempa, Wojciech Fiedorczuk, Antonia Syrek-Dąbrowski, Karol Kopiec, Piotrek Szumowski, Bartek Walos, Cezary Jurkiewicz, Maciek Adamczyk, Sebastian Rejent.

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