PRECOP 28 Climate Conference


The two-day PRECOP 28 conference will be a preparatory event preceding the United Arab Emirates Climate Summit (the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference – COP28), i.e. the Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – the world’s largest forum for common climate change policy.

This is the second edition of PRECOP, which – being a regular event – aims to develop, through open discussion, a common position of different communities on the most important topics discussed at the annual Climate Summits.

The debates preceding COP28 in Dubai will be attended by representatives of the UN, as well as Polish and EU politicians, people related to the economy, renowned experts, and representatives of institutions and organisations. 

The agenda of the meeting will include the most relevant topics related to the reduction in CO2 emissions, Polish and European climate policy, and halting global warming as well as mitigating the already visible and ever‑growing consequences of the climate catastrophe.

PRECOP 28 is organised by the United Nations Global Compact Network Poland (the Polish office of the world’s largest UN initiative for co-operation with business in support of sustainable development) and the PTWP Group – the organiser of the European Economic Congress as well as other conferences and special events.

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