PRECOP 27 Connference


The two-day PRECOP 27 conference will precede and pave the way for the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP 27) in Egypt, i.e. the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the world’s largest forum aimed at developing a global policy to combat climate change. The goal of PRECOP 27 is to hold an open debate and prepare the Polish position on the most important issues on the agenda of this annual event. During the conference, participants will recap the outcomes of the previous Climate Summit (COP26) and define their expectations for the upcoming session in Egypt.

Together with a prestigious group of Polish and EU politicians, economists and representatives of various institutions and organisations, we will touch on the most important issues of today, such as the current status and prospects of the transformation aimed at reducing the environmental and climate impact of the energy sector and the economy at large, as well as green investment financing, climate programmes and initiatives adopted by municipalities and local governments, sustainable construction, agriculture and transport, waste management, the circular economy and climate education.

• Green financing
• Agriculture
• Green energy revolution
• Greenhouse gas emissions
• Hydrogen and the hydrogen economy
• Nuclear energy
• Offshore wind energy
• Biodiversity
• Circular economy
• Water resources and retention
• Climate education
• Green construction
• Sustainable transport
• ESG – a call for responsibility
• Cities for the climate
• Technologies for the climate

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