European Steel Congress STEEL 2023


European Steel Congress STEEL 2023 is the first edition of the event, which will present modern technical and technological solutions in the steel market – in the area of modern steel production as well as its use in construction or energy processes.

Solutions addressed to the steel market must include the requirements of sustainable development, the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence and the implementation of AI solutions into technological processes, as well as the changing market environment and rapid global geopolitical changes.

The Congress also intends to build awareness of collective action toward a “green” transformation.

The Congress themes include the most relevant issues related to the future of the Polish steel industry in the context of the European energy transition, as well as obtaining new technologies to enable the development of the industry - combining scientific knowledge with practical solutions from the business world.

During the event, both issues from the area of the steel market and the formation of trends in the conditions of dynamic geopolitical changes - related, among others, to the war in Ukraine - will be discussed, as well as strictly production topics - where technical issues will be discussed.

The Congress will also cover topics related to the hydrogen economy, financing green investments, educating human resources for the steel industry, innovating or using smart solutions in production data management and developing new technologies.



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