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The International Congress Centre and Spodek are located at the hub of the Katowice Cultural Zone – a space situated in the city centre, which is co-created by the facilities and the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra as well as Muzeum Śląskie.


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NOSPR (Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra)

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Not just Katowice but also the whole region of the Silesian Voivodeship is characterized by the immense richness of tourist attractions. The region combines the Beskid Mountains in the South, the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland with the Trail of the Eagle's Nests ( in the North and has post-industrial monuments to offer, which are distinctive in Poland. The Industrial Monuments Route ( tells a beautiful story of the region and its facilities provide interesting ways to pass the time, which can be pursued by business guests visiting the International Congress Centre and Spodek as well. We recommend those who would like to taste regional cuisine to visit the Culinary Trail: “Silesian Tastes” (

Trail of the Eagle's Nests

Industrial Monuments Route

Culinary Trail Silesian Tastes

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