Freight Forwarding

To meet your expectations, we present the offer of a Licensed Forwarder of the International Congress Centre and Spodek – Ruger Expo.

Comprehensive fair servicing from parcel collection from customers to delivery at stands.
Freight forwarding, parcel and packaging transport organization
Operations related to customs clearance
Securing cargo, clearance by a custom agency
All operations are carried out with the use of Ruger Expo's equipment.
Two fork lifts operate on the premises of the ICC and Spodek on a daily basis:

1.5 tonnes, specially made to be lower so that it can enter stands without being disassembled;
3 tonnes – a fork lift with extended 2.5 metre forks.

Information about freight forwarding is provided by:
Maciej Waliszewski
Phone: 535 001 197 

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