Kwiat Jabłoni - Turnus Tour

06 April 2025, sunday



Tickets from: 126 zł

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Music Legends
ul. Mickiewicza 62
01-650 Warszawa
NIP 5252968672

Kwiat Jabłoni, one of the most popular bands of the young generation, has been captivating audiences for years with its unique approach to music - natural, focused on integration and having fun with the listeners. This time, Kasia and Jacek Sienkiewicz propose booking dates for spring 2025 for their Turnus Tour, during which they will visit the largest indoor centres in Polish cities, including the International Congress Centre in Katowice.

The theme of travel will be an inseparable element of the Turnus Tour. The musicians, together with the audience, will go on a trip to places that are meaningful to them - both those related to nature, but also to those that are not yet on the map.

“The group of tourists (turnus) creates a community,” say the members of Kwiat Jabłoni. “Each one is unique and leaves unforgettable memories. We are together here and now and even though only for a moment, a strong bond is created between us. In a way, we return changed to everyday life. We want our concerts to be such an experience - we are waiting for you during the Turnus Tour in the largest Polish cities! Join us and spend a unique time with us,” add the musicians.

During the tour, the band will be supported by special guests whose names are kept secret.

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