Central Europe Gamedev & E-Careers Festival

06 June 2024, thursday - 07 June 2024, friday



PEGA Polish Esport Gaming Agency
Michał Wasik
609 821 343

Due to the needs and expectations of the labour market in the area of creative sectors - gaming, gamedev and esports - the organizers decided to come up with an event combining education, entertainment and economic development.

A Conference with the participation of experts from Poland and around the world dedicated to gaming and related sectors in Central and Eastern Europe will be held on the main stage.

The participants of CEGEF festival will also have the opportunity to learn how to develop a professional career in creative industries, with particular emphasis on gamedev, gaming and esports. Multimedia, design, computer graphics, sound engineering, as well as soft skills management and HR hold no secrets for the speakers.

The program of the 2-day festival includes:
- gaming conference
- finals of the largest nationwide school and academic competitions in the entertainment zone in the most popular esports games: Counter-Strike 2 and League of Legends
- entertainment zone
- surprises

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