Candlelight: Best of Coldplay

20 July 2024, saturday

candle coldplay.jpg



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Candlelight concerts take place all over the world - they are accompanied with hundreds of lit candles. According to the organizers, they allow you to experience live music "in a completely new way."

The music band consists of professional musicians from all over the world, selected depending on the program: pianists, classical guitarists, a string quartet or a brass band, among others.

– We carefully select each location to ensure a great listening experience. Whether under a starry sky or in a concert hall with beautiful architecture, you can be sure that the scenery will be a real feast for the eyes - assure the Candlelight organizers.

The musical repertoire is wide: from classical music and jazz to pop songs and film soundtracks, and even ballet.

In Katowice, Candlelight musicians will perform songs of such bands as Queen and Coldplay, and in August - the musical pieces of Antonio Vivaldi.


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