Team building

A company meeting is a great opportunity to introduce company goals, plans, strategies, and improve employee relations. Not only can such events help foster loyalty, but they can help strengthen a company's image.

 Organisation of a major event has never been so easy!

 Feel like a champ – sport events

 Both fans and players have had the opportunity to enjoy sports matches and tournaments at Spodek, including the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship (gold medal to Poland), the 2016 European Men's Handball Championship, and the 2016 IIHF World Championship Division I.

 Now visitors have the opportunity to experience the excitement once again!

 For companies we organise:

  • sports training with the best players and coaches
  • exhibition matches
  • sports competitions
  • olympic-style games/company competitions

Spodek is capable of hosting competitions of various disciplines, including handball, futsal, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, and many more.

 We will be happy to assist in:

  • event organisation and assurance of constant coordinator care
  • event schedule planning
  • selection of instructors for sports classes
  • employee invitation (preparation of internal information campaigns designed to encourage active participation)
  • preparation of company sports uniforms
  • accident insurance for event participants
  • photo/video recording
  • event catering
  • creative workshops

 A building with wonderful architecture, a dedicated team of employees, and trainers from CKL S.A is a combination sure to spark the creativity of visitors.

 Workshops are conducted by specialists who appeal to the creative tendencies of participants. Aside from the smiles of your employees, you can expect many new solutions from them!

 After the workshops participants will:

  •  be able to introduce their own ideas
  • be able to develop and evaluate unconventional solutions
  • know what innovation is and what it is affected by
  • be more closely integrated as a result of teamwork and fun.
  • modern training games - fun-based learning

 How to earn the commitment of employees? How to practice newly acquired skills?

 Training games are a modern and very effective tool for developing employee competencies, as they combine both learning and fun. Here at ICC, we offer games developed by experts and enthusiasts.

 Each game is unique and prepared specifically for the needs of each organisation. Backed by thorough research and catered to the needs of each client, the games are sure to bring success and satisfy participants.

 Training games are a great way to supplement meetings, conferences, and team building retreats.

 Anniversaries and business events

 A company anniversary is the perfect time to highlight your presence on the market, and meetings that bring employees and contractors together are a great way to appreciate those who have contributed to company success.

 Award ceremonies and celebrations, i.e. corporate galas. Mutual success, awards, and recognition foster employee commitment to company activity. We look forward to preparing an exceptional gala that will make your employees feel valued.

 Event organisation is not everything.

 We will prepare a competition from scratch, an internal company information campaign, and a summary of results. We will also design trophies especially for your company.

 The event can be the beginning of an annual cycle. With more prestige every year, employees will look forward to the competition all year long!

 We offer the following services for anniversary celebrations:

  • invitation of guests and provision of information to them
  • media coverage
  • organisation of attractions and artist performances
  • catering
  • training and events for clients and potential clients

 How to find new clients and strengthen relations with existing clients? Invite them to your training/industry event!

 How does it work?

 Your company chooses the place, subject of the training, and presenters. You can invite your own guests, and the Centrum Kreowania Liderów (Centre for Creation of Leaders) will invite companies that you have not yet worked with.

 We can do this according to your specifications. Representatives from your company can also conduct part of the activities acting as experts.

 This type of training is immensely popular, as it is a great opportunity to make new business contacts. Such an event can help strengthen your brand, improve client relations, and provide a forum for information exchange. Your company can present the service or product on offer, and clients in turn can communicate their expectations. At your request, the event may be publicized in various forms of media.

 Your company can expect to:

  •  attract the attention of potential clients
  • build your brand and present your company as a leader in your field
  • make new business contacts
  • meet and host your clients face to face
  • stand out among the competition
  • improve client relations
  • earn client loyalty
  • training and business workshops

 Specialized training according to customers’ requirements. Our trainers specialize in soft skills, HR, law, finance, taxes and accounting. 

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